Woods rotary cutters have helped tame American terrain since 1946.

Now, they have arrived in Europe. And, they are not alone.

Along with mowers and cutters, Woods offers a broad line of three-point attachments, ensuring you have just the right tool to not only mow your green areas and vegetation, but to tackle a variety of earthmoving and grounds maintenance jobs.

Our design engineers perform an extraordinary amount of modeling and testing before a product is ever put into production. This strict approach to analysis and development helps ensure that attachments in the field can endure years of rigorous work – earning us a reputation for superb durability. And, our attachments don’t just perform well, they look good doing it – quality is built into the fit and finish of every product we design and build.

Our products are backed by a growing network of dealers, prepared to handle your sales and service needs. These equipment experts rely on our assembly plant and warehouse in Belgium, for prompt delivery and support of machines and repair parts.