Getting the Most from Your Mower

Choosing the right tractor and mower attachment combination is the first steps to maintaining grass and brush on your property. Once you've safely hooked up your mower and completed any routine maintenance, you're ready to get started. The mowing tips below will help you foster healthy grass growth and be more productive. In addition, these suggestions will help extend the life of your equipment and most of all, promote safe mowing. 

  1. Extremely tall grass should be mowed twice. Raise the mower and cut half the desired height. Cut the second time at the desired height and at 90 degrees to the first pass.
  2. Remember sharp blades produce cleaner cuts and use less power. 
  3. Before mowing, analyze the area to determine the best mowing procedure.  Consider the height and type of grass and the terrain type (hilly, level or rough).
  4. Plan your mowing patterns to travel straightforward whenever possible.  The less turning or backing up you do will reduce your mowing time.
  5. Before beginning to mow, walk the area first and remove any stones or debris, which may be hidden in the grass.
  6. When mowing along roadsides, always discharge the material away from the road.

Of course, always ensure people and animals are far way from your mowing path. If ever in doubt about safe operation of your finish mower or rotary cutter, consult the safety section of your operator's manual.

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