Mowers and More

In 1946, three brothers, Leonard, Keith and Mervel Wood, invested everything they had in a new business housed in a Quonset hut in rural Illinois, the heart of farm country in the United States. Smart, independent and industrious, the Wood brothers built a tractor-mounted rotary cutter – the first commercially successful cutter in the agricultural market.

From that first cutter came the Batwing®, the first flexible-wing rotary cutter in the industry. The Batwing remains the most recognized and imitated piece of equipment in the Woods attachment line. The brothers believed in advanced design and engineering, extreme durability, and innovative styling that improved performance and made you proud to own a piece of Woods equipment.Today, the factory that engulfed the original Quonset hut, along with other facilities in the United States, Brazil and Europe, produce a broad line of agricultural equipment made with high-quality materials from inside and outside the U.S. And, that commitment to superior design, superior durability, and superior style is still evident in every piece of equipment that rolls off the manufacturing line.

The European Product Selection from Woods

Every Woods cutter and mower is loaded with features that help you work efficiently and effectively whether you are cutting, mowing or shredding.


However, the Woods brand is more than cutters and mowers. We ensure that you also have just the right tool for a variety of landscaping, tilling and seeding jobs.

Landscape Equipment

  • Box Scrapers are designed with exceptional strength and versatility to move large amounts of material.
  • Grading Scrapers are ideal for leveling dirt and gravel in driveways, lawns and fields.
  • Rear Blades move dirt, grade driveways and clear snow.
  • Landscape Rakes are great for clean-up jobs and fine raking.

Tillage Equipment

  • Forward or reverse rotation Rotary Tillers have innovative (and award-winning) design features that make them easy to use, durable and highly productive.
  • Disc Harrows offer individually adjustable disc gangs that reposition with a single pin.

Seeding Equipment

  • Food Plot Seeders can plant up to three types of seed in one pass – ideal for hunters planning food plots and farmers seeding legumes and larger seeds.
  • Cultipackers attach to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility vehicles (UTVs) and tractors for preparing a seedbed before planting or lightly firming the soil around seeds after broadcast-seeding.

The heritage of superior design, durability and style is found in every piece of Woods equipment distributed throughout North America, Brazil, and a growing network of dealers in Europe. It is a promise to the Wood brothers — and you — that we intend to keep for generations to come.


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